• On the menu bar there is a page for each country.
  • On that country page there is a link to a page to each school from that country.
  • It's up to you to fill in the information needed on each page.
  • On the country page you could put a map, an image of the national flag, a common greeting in the national language of that country. If there is more than one school per country, then the country page will become a collaborative effort between the classes.
  • On your school page please put - in English and whatever other language/s you choose - information about your school, maybe a map of where your school is, an image or two of your school, anything else you like.
  • On your school page make links to student pages - this does not have to be done straight away, it's fine to wait and see how you use the wiki. You may want to put student work straight onto your school page or you may want a separate page for each student or for each student group. As long as it is clearly organised you can set it up however you like, as long as you have a country page and a school page. In conjunction with the schools you are working directly with you may want to organise it a particular way.

**Start your pages anytime from now! You may find it easier to do some of it yourself and then get your students to help, or you may want them to do the whole thing. It's up to you!


  • more info coming soon after we've had a meeting and thrown around some ideas