This project gives us the possibility to connect and communicate with people all over the world. We will learn about what other cultures eat for lunch and at the same time, we'll be practicing our English and honoring our native languages as well.

The German Flag

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A greeting in Germany is:

HALLO! WIE GEHT'S? It means "hello, how are you?"

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This is where we live....
Map of Germany, Leipzig
Map of Germany, Leipzig

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To learn more about us, please visit this link:
Leipzig International School, Leipzig

The Jordanian students have some questions about the German lunch foods...

Lunch Food Questions for Leipzig International School, Leipzig from slinfo on Vimeo.

And here are your answers! In German and in English...

Responding to questions from school in Jordan from andreaouimette on Vimeo.

To our German friends, we'd like to thank you for adding a video to our page. We have tried to answer your questions in this video:


and here are some questions for you:
- At what times do you usually eat your food? breakfast, lunch, and dinner?
- Do you bring your lunch to school?
- Do you eat fresh fruit everyday?
- Do you like to try new food?
- Do you usually eat dessert after lunch?
- How often do you eat in a restaurant?
- What restaurant in your city do you recommend?
- What is the most popular food in your country?
- What special food do you eat on holidays?

Makassed Khalil Shehab School...Beirut, Lebanon

Our responses to these questions...


Our group from Germany decided to make some Lebanese food. We made labne and hummus and ate it with olives and pita bread. It was very tasty. I asked the students to explain what they liked best about this activity and they said:

"It was fun to do"
"We worked well as a team"
"It brought us closer together and we worked well as a team"

Below you can see a picture of our food and a short video of us eating...

hummus and labne


Here are our thoughts on the entire Lunchbox project. We sure learned a lot! We got to speak to children from all over the world, we tried out some new technology, learned learned a bit of Chinese, and we made some yummy lebanese food. See what the Grade 3/4/5 ESL students have to say about the project...


external image our%20ESL%20class.JPG press the play button to hear our thoughts on the Lunchbox Project...