The aim of the activity is to have the students share the lunches they individually have each day, using two languages.

You can choose to do this anyway you like.The students can present in small groups or as a whole class. It could be a song, a slideshow, a play, a cooking show etc. You may have an idea within your clusters as to how you want to complete this activity. The kids might have some good ideas for you too.

The only thing it MUST have are students saying the key sentence in two languages. The key sentence for this section is:

"For lunch I like to eat..."

Your students may want to (but do not have to) set their partner classes a short task - for example:
  • to learn a certain word or phrase
  • to find the ingredients for the lunch they are sharing
  • try to make the lunch they are sharing (if there is enough time in your classes)

Here are some applications you may want to use: (please add any others you think would be useful)

My Plick

This would be a good opportunity to have a video conference with another class. The kids can then directly ask each other some questions. Organise your video conferences within your clusters.

Post your videos/slideshows etc on your school wiki page and let the others in your cluster know when it has been completed.

Activity 4 and Activity 5 really go together and can be combined in any way that works for you. One way to cover both activities would be to have a series of Skype conferences between classes where the kids can ask and answer questions on the spot. If you do have a Skype conference, please record it and post it to the wiki or the blog so we can all listen to the great conversations students are having with each other. I will post some information about recording Skype calls.