The aim of this activity is for your students to introduce themselves to the other students in their cluster. It would be great for it to be a video task so that the students can see and hear each other, but apart from that, the details are up to you. The only requirements is that the students use these key sentences:

Hello, my name is ...
I am ... years old
I live in ...

Plus whatever else you want them to say. For my students, their videos will be mostly in English, with the above sentences in Chinese as well. But seeing as they are just beginning their study of Chinese, that will be all they will be able to say at that stage.

Within your cluster you may have other key sentences you want the students to use, depending on their age and year level. That is totally fine. Plus, conversations can go way beyond the video - it is really just to get the kids talking about themselves and thinking about others.

Post the finished video on your school page on the wiki.

Please make sure you have permission to put your students images online. Your school should have some sort of policy and permission form.

You could use music, dancing, costumes etc in your video if you want to, or simply have the students speaking to the camera. You may want to make a few videos if you are going to have each student speak individually. It doesn't matter how many videos you have. As long as the students are introducing themselves and using those key sentences in two different languages you can organise it any way you want to.