The aim of this activity is to create a presentation for you to use to introduce the students to the project and ask them some key questions. You should have already received an email invitation to the Google Presentation. If you haven't and you are an active member of the project please email me ( and I'll add you straight away.

So, here is what you need to do:

1. Add 1 or 2 images of a typical school lunch in your country to the presentation.
2. Label each image with your country (in two languages). When the presentation is complete I will embed it on the front page of the wiki to make it really easy to find.
3. Use this presentation to get students interested in the Lunch Box Project. There are some suggested questions to ask students on the second slide.
4. Record some of the students responses - doesn't matter what language it's in!
5. Write a blog post about how the students responded - what questions did they ask? What comments did they make about the images? Kids say some fantastic things - keep an ear out for them!