ACTIVITY 1 - Woices Map

Woices is an application that lets you put audio and a map side by side.
For this introductory activity you will be plotting your location on a map and recording a quick hello introduction.
Teachers can complete this task, or you can get students to do it if you like. I completed the one for my school because classes don't start here until Feb 4th.

What to say -

My recording says:
"We are from Laurimar Primary School. Laurimar Primary School is in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. We are hungry!" I then recorded it in Chinese.
Please record the same sentences in the two languages you are using in the project, obviously with your school and country details. The reason for recording the same sentences is that we can then get the students to more easily pick out possible keywords in other languages if we know what is being said. So, for example, if the last thing we all say is 'We are hungry!' then the kids will listen for that and maybe even try saying it themselves.

The 'we are hungry' bit is supposed to be a light-hearted reference to the fact that the project is all about lunches. The kids are ready to eat their lunch!

Here are the steps for adding your audio and location to the map. Currently it does not show up properly on the front of the wiki and I'm working on getting that fixed.
1. Login to my account at
username = jessmcculloch
password – lunchboxproj
2. Click on ‘Create’ and select ‘Record or upload new echo.’
3. Follow the steps – first you will add your pin to the map, then give it a title, then record your sound or upload one you have already prepared.
4. Then go to the ‘You’ tab and select ‘Your Woice.’ Then select Lunch Box Project Classes, which is listed under ‘Your Walks’ at the centre of the page. The Lunch Box Project Classes walk page will open up.
5. On the right hand side underneath the map, choose ‘Edit list of echoes’ from the More Actions menu.
6. Drag the echo you just created from the ‘Your Echoes’ column on the right to the ‘Walk Echoes’ column on the left.
7. Then click ‘Return To Walk’ at the bottom left hand side and back on the walk page you should see your audio in the player at the left and your pin on the map on the right.
If you have any problems, please let me know.