Hi everyone, I'm Jess McCulloch and I ran The Lunch Box Project successfully in 2008 with classes from China, Australia and Turkey sharing what they ate for lunch. You can see the pages from the 2008 project by clicking here. After lots of questions about and comments on the LBP, I've decided to see if there is enough interest to run it again in 2011 - but with more schools and some more planning in place. If you think you might be interested, please read the description below about how the project could work and then fill in the Expression of Interest form at the bottom of the page.

Please note that the following ideas for the project will depend on the number and variety of schools and countries involved. What is described here is by no means a strict description of exactly how the project will work, but simply an idea of what could happen. All teachers involved in the project will be asked to contribute their thoughts and ideas so we can create something that will work for everyone.
  • The main goals of the project are
    • for students to use the second language they are learning for an authentic purpose
    • for students to become aware of the differences and similarities between themselves and students in other countries and how they might be viewed by students overseas.
  • The project could be something like this:
    • Students introduce themselves and what they eat for lunch (could make videos or slideshows etc). They get initial feedback, comments and questions from other classes.
    • Students then talk about and prepare an example of an ideal healthy lunch from their country and present that to other classes - again getting comments and questions as well as asking questions of other classes.
    • Students then write instructions and / or make a video about how to make that typical healthy lunch. They will need to consider language used, and whether or not what they want to present is culturally and religiously appropriate as well as possible in the other country.
    • Students then make the lunch from another country and post images / videos of their results.
  • As I mentioned before, how exactly this will work will depend on how many schools and different countries are involved. The project can be tailored to the group that is keen to get it moving and input from interested teachers will be very important and welcome. Things like the structure of the project will need to be discussed too - such as whether one class partners with one other class for the duration, or whether students work in small groups within their class and partner with two or three other groups from around the world so there is then a variety within each class.
  • As for year levels and ages of students involved - I think it would be great to have all different year levels involved. No reason Grade 3s can't share with Year 8s etc. But, again, this will depend on who wants to be involved.
  • This project could fit in with lots and lots of different topics and themes being run at schools and could create a great opportunity for the languages teachers and other teachers to work together.

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