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Welcome to

The Lunch Box Project

"Eating lunch at a school near you."
An international language learning project fro K-3 students.

Project Tasks:
These can vary and you can contribute whatever suits you. Each class will have their own page and you can add anything you like to it about what your eat for lunch.

Please use two different languages - the one you speak everyday and the one you learn at school. For example, my students will present their work in English because that is our national language and Chinese because that is what we learn at school.

  • WHO ARE YOU AND WHAT LANGUAGES DO YOU SPEAK? Create and add an Introduction Video

  • WHERE DO YOU EAT LUNCH? Add some pictures of where students eat lunch at your school. Create a powerpoint (or use any other media that you like)
  • WHAT DO YOU EAT FOR LUNCH? Add some pictures of what students at your school eat for lunch

Contact Me:
Please do not hesitate to email me if you have any questions about being involved or even any suggestions on how to improve this project: jlmccull AT gmail DOT com
gTalk: jlmccull
Skype: jess.meyer